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Stryker Robotic Knee Replacement

Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Total Knee replacement is a treatment option for adults living with mid to late-stage osteoarthritis of the knee. Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology provides you with a personalized surgical plan based on your unique anatomy.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

MIS Joint Replacement offers important advantages, requiring smaller incisions and potentially causing less trauma, shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and less scarring than traditional techniques.

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Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS)

Computer-assisted technology has made it possible for your orthopedic specialist to navigate joint replacement procedures with a level of accuracy so precise it may improve the results of your surgery.

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Total Joint Replacement (TJR)

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which certain parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with an artificial joint, which is designed to move just like a healthy joint.

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Partial Knee Replacement

If non-invasive treatment options are not giving you satisfactory pain relief, knee surgery may become necessary. However, a total knee replacement (TKR) may not be necessary — alternate types of knee implants are available.

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Quality Orthopedic Care

You do not need to leave the Beaumont, Port Arthur or the Southeast Texas Golden Triangle to receive the best in class treatment for hip, knee and shoulder joint replacement.

Wagdy S. Rizk, MD is passionate about maintaining world-class orthopedic treatment options and care in his home town of Beaumont. Dr. Rizk is proud to be a member of his community and strives to maintain the best possible care for those in his community.

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